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Specialty Application Conveyors

EMI offers a wide range of specialty conveyors - some are pre-engineered, others are custom engineered to meet specific application needs. To speak to one of our highly trained application specialists, please contact us: Phone: 216-535-4848 or Email: Sales@EMIcorp.com

Conveyor Belt Options

EMI offers many types of belting options to suit a wide variety of applications.

Enclosure Cages

Robotic enclosures protect operators from the robot arm, and they help to protect the robot from being damaged by other equipment.

Flat Top Chain Conveyors

Modular, multi-flexing aluminum chain conveyors provide you unlimited configuration possibilities.

Flat-Top Chain Conveyors, Steel Frame

Flat Top Chain Conveyor belting has low friction resistance, making it ideal for conveying finished parts or containers for easier side discharging.


No matter what your application needs are, EMI can design the perfect hopper for your conveyor.

Nosebar Option

We offer a nosebar option for our belt conveyors that allow parts as small as 1.5” in diameter to be transferred smoothly between conveyors.

Parts Containment Options

EMI provides many Parts Containment options – Lane Diverters, Hinged Side Rails, Side Belt Guards and More!

Static Elimination

Minimize dust and dirt attraction to parts, and also reduce parts clinging to each other or metal surfaces they touch.