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Signature Line Steel Frame Kurv King Conveyors

Extra-sturdy, steel Kurv King conveyors are the perfect choice for even the most demanding applications.

Main Features:

  • Exclusive horizontal to incline transition eliminates pinch points and assures smooth part transfer
  • Direct Drive Package: The motor and SEALED GEAR REDUCER attach directly to the pulley shaft, minimizing maintenance.
  • No roller chain or sprockets
  • 50 lbs. maximum load
  • Double V-guide Belt Tracking, Our new, double V-guide provides exceptionally stable belt tracking, which significantly extends belt life. Guides are on the sides rather than the middle make it easier to track the belt.
  • Leg Sets and Castors included (adjustable up to 34" belt height).
  • Modular Construction: EMI belt conveyors are built in sections to allow future changes in belt length, if desired.



1. Drive Package: Includes a 1/3 hp 110V input AC TEFC motor with a 4-40 FPM variable speed controller. The gear reducer is sealed and permanently lubricated requiring no service. Power transmission is provided via direct drive configuration. 15' of SJ cord with a standard three-prong plug is pre-wired to the starter. Control wiring is contained in liquid-tight conduit and connectors. Drive packages 3'–30'  long have 150 lb. maximum load. NOTE: We do not recommend running the motor at less than 1/3 of the overall output (speed), as this could result in lowering the life expectancy of the motor. If you are planning on running at less than 1/3 of the output, please consult an EMI Representative.

2. Belt Guidance: True Track Belt Guidance System comes standard on KK/KKI conveyors. Using a Double V-guide slot in the frame, 1/4" wall crowned pulleys, and bonded Double V-guide belting, “True Track” minimizes belt run off and reduces belt tracking maintenance.

3. Pulleys: To ensure long lived operation, 3.5" diameter crowned pulleys incorporate 1" diameter shafts, self aligning sealed ball bearings with eccentric locking collars, telescopic take-up adjustment, position locking nuts, and Zerk grease fittings.

4. Belting: Our easy to clean, FDA approved, white, PVC belting with staple-type belt lacing (which prevents lacing pullout and splice failure), makes belt maintenance quick and easy. Inclined conveyors have a bottom cleat support plate and bonded flexible cleats that have no bolts or rivets that may tear out.

5. Frame: Our sturdy, reinforced welded, cross-braced steel frames, painted powder coated OSHA orange (other colors available) incorporate 12 gauge channels with a 16 gauge slide bed to minimize twist and camber and provides longer life service.

6. Rails: To ensure molded pieces do not get pinched, damaged, or lost between the rail and belt, we place 12-gauge, 4" rails so that they overlap the belt by 0.5". To keep your molded parts contained on the in-feed end of the conveyor, we include an infeed-end back-piece.

7. Shipment: Generally conveyors are shipped fully assembled, pre-wired, tested, and ready to run.

8. Leg Sets: Quick adjusting leg sets and locking swivel castors are included as standard on all Signature Line Kurv-King conveyors. Standard leg sets are adjustable up to 34" in-feed belt height on standard conveyors. Belt height must be specified. For leg sets over a 34", consult factory.

Transition Point: Telescopic tubing allows for gross angle adjustment and an adjustment screw for fine tuning. Our overlapping-rail design has allowed us to place a wheel on top of the belt at the transition point, of flat to incline, ensuring the belt stays snug with the frame. On conveyors 24" and 30" wide, we have moved the drive package in front of the in-feed section to “push” the belt, reducing strain at the transition point.

Signature Line Steel Frame Kurv King Conveyors