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Big Bore Two-Piece Nozzles

If you’re molding large, high-ounce capacity parts, EMI's big bores will give you dramatically improved flow area! Featuring a 3/4" I.D. bore size versus 1/2" standard units, providing higher throughput. Minimizes material stresses and pressure related issues.

How to Order Two-Piece Nozzles:

  • Find your machine thread diameter
  • Specify nozzle thread diameter, pitch and thread length. Also specify rear opening and nozzle overall length
  • If thermocouple holes are required, specify location and tap size (Add $9.00 for each T.C. hole)

MFD: Mixer/Filter/Dispersion Disc

  • Used with custom bored Large Bore Nozzle Tips
  • Low cost but effective color dispersion disc
  • Provides the benefits of mixing and filtration of foreign particles
  • No extra component is required
  • Works with any standard EMI Large Bore Nozzle Adaptor
  • Large Bore Nozzle Tip for MFD Disc: $55.00 each.
  • MFD Disc: $36.00 each.


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