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Shut-Off Nozzles

Performer Shut-off Nozzles save time, material and money.

2000 Series | 2600 Series | 2800 Series | 2900 Series

EMI Performer Shut Off Nozzles

The first high pressure shut-off nozzle. EMI Performer Shut-Off Nozzles help optimize molding machine productivity by allowing the screw to retract while the mold is opening and closing. You’ll shave cycle times to a minimum and increase fill rates for high speed or large part molding. Positive, air operated pin closing allows faster screw recovery and stops drool in its tracks. Positive open, positive close, provides faster cycles and more safety.

Why Choose the Performer Nozzle?

  • Designed to be virtually maintenance-free
  • Available to fit any machine
  • Interchangeable nozzle tips adapt to a variety of plastic materials and molds
  • Alternate shut-off pins are available in 17-4PH stainless steel and CPM-9V® tool steel for processing corrosive and abrasive materials
  • Powered by two air cylinders—much safer than hydraulic operated nozzles which can leak and flash fire. EMI Performer nozzles are the only nozzles in the industry with this feature
  • Mica insulation protects air cylinders from heat
  • Four large paths through the body allow material to flow through with minimal shear. For very shear sensitive materials or fast injection rate molding, we oversize the flow through paths to further reduce shear

How to Choose the Correct Shut Off Nozzle
Selection of the right Performer nozzle is based on your injection pressure, machine size, flow rate, sled travel and material. Answers to these questions will help determine nozzle selection.

  1. What is your plastic melt injection pressure? (Not the hydraulic system pressure)
    If under 18,000 psi, any of the Performer series shown can be used. If over 18,000 psi, but less than 30,000 psi, use the 2900 Series.

  2. What type of material is being processed?
    General purpose materials with no fillers can be processed through any Performer. For materials which are corrosive, have additives, or are shear sensitive, call for more information.

  3. Measure to determine which series nozzle will fit your platen.
    Note the overall “A” dimension on the drawings. (The minimum OAL can be reduced further by building a combination one-piece machine adaptor and end cap).

Why the patented EMI Performer out-lasts and out-performs every other shut off nozzle:

  • With spring-operated valves, you cannot positively control shut-off because spring-operated valves are dependant on injection pressure. With heat variations, springs fail prematurely. The springs themselves actually restrict resin flow and make color changes more difficult
  • Single air valve designs wear unevenly at the cross-arm and pin, which loosens the shut-off seal making them prone to leaking, drooling, and expensive maintenance
  • Hydraulic-operated valves have seals which may leak oil onto heater bands and other heated surfaces which may flash fire
EMI Performer Shut Off Nozzle Cut Away

Specific Application Benefits
Conventional Molding:

  • Control nozzle temperatures without freeze-up or drool
  • Speed recovery rate and reduce cycle times
  • Inject into parting line to eliminate sprue and cut material usage
  • Permits structural foam molding

Gating directly into Part:

  • Cut material use and lower tooling costs by eliminating the sprue and runner
  • Cut start-up time
  • Faster color changes than hot manifold method

Gating through Core:

  • Eliminate gate blemishes on large parts where cosmetics are important.

Three Plate Mold Design:

  • Eliminate sprue by injecting directly into runner system
  • Eliminate stringing and poor ejection of runner system
  • Mold runs automatically

Vertical Injection Molding:

  • Cut material use by injecting through the parting line.



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