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End Cap Systems

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EMI’s End Cap system integrates a complete system of specially designed components to process heat and shear-sensitive materials.

For consistently better results than smear tips, use end cap systems to process vinyl, Polycarbonate, ABS, and other low molecular-weight materials.


  • 100% free flow valve, and a special long-taper end cap-nozzle-tip assembly, eliminates turbulent flow of melt.
  • Assures consistent shot control in a completely unrestricted melt flow path.
  • Smooth laminar flow discourages shear burn and reduces abrupt pressure drops.
  • Narrow, tapered channel between the ring valve and the nozzle tip smoothly directs the melt, enhances side-wall cleaning and inhibits carbonized plastic build-up.
  • Field proven results include a more uniform melt, consistent shot sizes, less scrap, and higher productivity compared to smear tips.

Contact EMI for pricing or to discuss your application: 216-535-4848 or Sales@EMIcorp.com

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