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Gimatic Electric Grippers and Rotary Actuators

Gimatic electric grippers and rotaries are easy to set up and operate and use electricity from your PLC instead of compressed air. All models use low voltage 24 volt DC and an M8x1, 3-pole standard connection.

  • Hassle-Free, Plug-and-Play!
  • Long-life brushless DC motor.
  • Built in motor driver.
  • No electricity is used when engaged.
  • Gripper retention guaranteed in power loss.
  • Carbon fiber gear reduction.
  • Maintenance-free for 10 million cycles.
  • T-slot style jaws for heavy loads.
  • Easy sensor upgrades available.

Electrical connection: Both the electric grippers and the rotary actuators run on a 24Vdc power supply and the closing/opening signal (ON/OFF) by the M8 standard connector with 3 poles. No further electronics is necessary to drive the gripper.

Gripping force: The electric grippers can be used for external or internal gripping applications. The part is gripped in any position within the jaw stroke. After the part is gripped, the spring force will hold the part (Motor OFF and ZERO consumption). Gripper retention guaranteed in case of power loss. The gripper mechanism is irreversible, even without power supply. So do not attempt to open or close the gripper manually

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